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While most owners of luxury SUVs will seldom put their vehicles to the ultimate test, LX owners can have the utmost confidence in their vehicle in poor weather or while fighting their way through the worst hazards of urban life.” This philosophy was declared in the 1996 press kit for the original Lexus LX, a vehicle that kicked the luxury SUV craze up a few notches by decorating a Toyota Land Cruiser with added standard equipment like leather, wood trim, an upgraded stereo and a third-row seat. Although the automotive marketplace has changed considerably since then, today’s Lexus LX 570 still follows the same philosophy. Underneath the LX 570’s organically robust styling resides a rough-and-ready, body-on-frame truck platform designed for serious off-road duty. Customers today are just as unlikely to venture onto muddy trails as they were back in the middle of the Clinton administration, but that hasn’t stopped Lexus from stuffing a full range of sophisticated off-road-enabling technologies into its latest LX. At the same time, this is one of the most luxurious vehicles Lexus makes. As a vehicle that can do it all, the LX 570 is almost without peer.

Current Lexus LX 570
The Lexus LX 570 was introduced for 2008. It’s powered by a 383-horsepower 5.7-liter V8 connected to a six-speed automatic transmission. Mechanically, the LX 570 is heavily related to the Land Cruiser, and both boast tremendous off-road capabilities. In addition to its truck-based design, the LX 570 features a permanent four-wheel-drive system and respectable wheel travel and ground clearance. There’s also a new electronically controlled off-road Crawl Control mode. When this feature is activated, the 570 uses its antilock brakes and throttle to fearlessly descend steep, slippery slopes. All the driver has to do is steer.While dedicated off-road vehicles tend to behave like jittery behemoths on-road, this Lexus is as civilized as it gets. Special to the LX 570 is an electronically controlled suspension with adaptive ride height and damping control that delivers the type of buttery-smooth ride expected of a Lexus.Also expected of a Lexus is a vehicle crammed full of luxury goodies, and as the brand’s flagship SUV, the LX 570 is crammed like no other. Standard features include 20-inch wheels, adaptive xenon headlights, a power liftgate, leather upholstery, keyless ignition/entry, four-zone automatic climate control, a voice-activated hard drive navigation system, a back-up camera and Bluetooth. Optional highlights include a stupendous 19-speaker Mark Levinson surround-sound system, rear-seat entertainment system, cooled front seats, heated rear seats and adaptive cruise control.The LX 570 is also adorned in the finest interior trappings of its class. The leather upholstery is almost inconceivably supple, and the bird’s-eye maple inlays are some of the richest you’ll find at any price point. Other materials are similarly beyond reproach. The LX also offers seating for eight, although its rearmost row is suitable only for children and doesn’t fold flat into the trunk floor. (Each piece of the split bench flips against the side walls.)