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New 2009 Range Rover Sport SC Super Charged SUV
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A “Grand Touring” car is one that is fast, comfortable, andluxurious, and meant for long-distance travel at a high average speed. Thecategory originally applied to two-seat, or perhaps 2+2, coupes thatoffered performance equal to or better than the sports cars of the day,with far greater comfort. This still may be the purist definition, but overthe years there have been a number of sedans that could be considered forthe category as well. If the idea of grand touring is fast, comfortable long-distancetravel, the Range Rover Sport can accommodate very well, thank you,especially in supercharged form. And pavement is not strictly necessary. Itis a Range Rover, after all. The Range Rover Sport Supercharged is also a very high-techRange Rover, almost as far removed from the ancient Land Rovers seen in BBCnature documentaries as an F22 is from a Spitfire. Cast iron and solidaxles are long-gone, replaced by high-strength steels and aluminum andmagnesium alloys – and a highly sophisticated electronically-controlledactive air suspension that is the key to the Sport Supercharged’s fine roadmanners. There are two models of Range Rover Sport. The HSE is equippedwith a 300-horsepower 4.4-liter naturally-aspirated V8, while theSupercharged model has a namesake 4.2 liter supercharged and intercooled V8with 390 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are matched to amulti-mode six-speed ZF automatic transmission and then to a full-timedual-range four-wheel drive system, also electronically-managed. While there is a ladder frame underneath the Sport, it is builtwith hydroforming technology. And it is mated, by means of small dampers toa monocoque body structure to give the benefits of both body-on-frame andunibody construction. Solid axles belong to the past – the Sport hasindependent double wishbones at all four corners, with monotube dampers andelectronically-controlled air springs. The Dynamic Response system,optional in the HSE and standard in the Supercharged, consists of activeanti-roll bars that minimize body motion during cornering, acceleration,and braking. It is the key to the Range Rover Sport Supercharged’simpressive handling. And it is most impressive on the road, with reflexes andresponses that belie its considerable weight. I started my week with theSport Supercharged expecting a typical overweight, sluggish-handling SUV. Icouldn’t have been more wrong. No laws of physics are actually broken, butthe Land Rover engineers appear to have found some loopholes. There isplenty of sport with the utility and all-surface, all-weather capability.The Dynamic Response system keeps the big beast flat and stable, even whendriven in the spirited manner encouraged by the supercharged engine. Theinterior is outfitted and equipped as expected in a top-line luxuryvehicle, with first-class comfort and plenty of room – but it’s not solarge as to be unwieldy in traffic or while parking. The Range Rover SportSupercharged is a fine vehicle for a long, fast journey almost anywhere.Pavement optional.