Rates The Leader In Online Automotive Marketing 1-888-861-8080 says that it can provide the best prices for a lease by its specific system of finding the best rates on your behalf. With FleetRates, if you are looking to lease a car, all you would have to do is go by their three step system, browse the site and choose what model you are interested in, then pick the options that you want to have on the car, fill out the form and one of the sites “accredited Certified Internet Managers” will give you a call back with a haggle free low price. FleetRates claims that its prices are so low because it deals directly with large volume wholesalers and are able to get substantial discounts from the volume they produce.


In Their Words
“ the Ultimate Online Asset for Accurate Automotive Pricing” is a new and innovative way of buying or leasing your new car. Our factory authorized certified dealer network honors our low member prices and lease payments we set online. We help thousands of consumers get quick and easy low prices and lease terms on the exact vehicles they are looking to buy or lease. We have certified fleet managers at some of the highest volume dealerships nationwide, allowing us to save our customers thousands of dollars. Our staff constantly researches the market place for the most up-to-date and competitive pricing available. We offer all luxury cars including Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Exotics, Certified Preowned all SUV’s and nationwide delivery.”


Why it might be a killer and Some questions

If the company can prove that they can substantially discount the price of a lease versus what someone would get dealing directly with the car lot then surely with time the word of mouth will get out and people will use the site more and more often. If people are truly receiving big discounts then the company will get tons of business from recommendations.

Will people be willing to do business like this all over the internet? There will have to be exchanging of social security numbers to do credit checks. Will people deal with that over the web?

Our questions are have they seen this?