Fast Civic

Recently spent a few days in the most powerful Civic Honda has offered, the all-new Civic Si. With almost 200 horsepower, the Si really scoots.


Redline is up at 8,000 rpm, and above 6,000 rpm the exhaust sounds wonderful – amazing sound for a stock exhaust system. The 6-speed manual is shifted with a slick shift lever that reminds me of the S2000. Shifts are impressively smooth making this car very easy to drive.


The dashboard is split horizontally, with the tachometer taking up the center of the standard gauge console while above it is a digital speedomter readout. Form-fitting sport seats fit snugly but are comfortable, and the rear seat is actually usable, surprising in a car this size.


Much sleeker looking than the last generation, the new Si is great fun to drive with impressive handling for a front-wheel drive car. I had the chance to take one out on a track and it performed quite well, although after several stints the brakes were suffering.


With a price starting around $20,000, the Si is a great daily drive for any car enthusiast.

Perry Stern