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2011 Audi A8 Review
From the outside, the 2011 A8 is clearly cut from four-ringed cloth.
The tail almost completely mimics the rear of the latest A4, and the
corporate grille is in full effect, even if it has grown from a goatee
into more of a mini-beard. All four corners share a similar squared-off
element, and the front quarters, if analyzed closely, hint at the
upcoming Bentley Mulsanne (some interoffice cribbing, maybe?). The LED
headlamps are distinctive and can vary the depth of their beams based on
the proximity of oncoming traffic. Wheel sizes range from 17 inches to

All A8 models get that
ZF-supplied eight-speed automatic transmission, which really breathes
new life into the old 4.2, and all have manumatic shifting and paddles
on the steering wheel. We estimate the A8 will scoot to 60 mph in the
mid-five-second rangemiddle of the pack in terms of acceleration. But
what it lacks in outright speed, the A8 makes up for in sporting

Dynamics, no matter how
impressive, arent the reason most hedge-fund managers buy these cars;
rather, the interior is the selling point for them. And the one inside
this car is fantastic, with not one texture or material taking a tactile
wrong turn. Elegant wood, leather, and, if so desired, aluminum line
everything, with a lip that runs the width of the dash and continues
into the doors serving as a sort of aesthetic calling card. This cabin
is more attractive than that of the 7-series and cheerier than that of
the S-class, and there are fewer buttons than inside the Panamera. A
traditional shift lever gobbles up center-console real estateit looks
like a sheathed putter peeking out of a golf bagbut operating it is far
more intuitive than using BMWs quirky joystick-style selector.