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2010 Lexus IS Convertible Review
The 2010 Lexus IS C is the second convertible model to come from Lexus, and the first time the brand has offered a more compact, affordable luxury drop-top. The model isnt as overtly sporty and compromised as a roadsterthanks to a real back seat and an excellent folding hard topbut its more exciting than cruiser convertibles. While it shares many features with the IS sedans, the IS Cs silhouette is very different from the sedans and nearly all of its panels are unique.

You’ll recognize the C as a member of the IS family, yet every body panel save the hood is new. Besides the obvious — doors, fenders, folding top — the fascias, light clusters, and detailing are C specific. Overall length is increased 2.2 inches over the sedan. Otherwise, says Lexus, the trunk would have looked too high and too short. The chassis architecture remains the same, but a considerable amount of work was done to regain the structural rigidity lost by going topless. There are numerous trusses and triangulation braces underneath, in the rocker panel areas, and behind the front seats. Naturally, with any new model from Lexus, there’s bound to be new luxury bits on top of the regular luxury bits found in the standard IS. The HVAC output and stereo volume auto-adjust based on the top’s position and a solar input control provides increased response to the sun when enjoying the environment. If you opt for the Luxury Package, the ten-way adjustable seats include a one-touch tilt and slide function. Tack on the Intuitive Parking Assist system and radar will detect obstacles towards the rear of the convertible that could impede the operation of the roof. Also new for the IS Convertible: the front seats have increased ventilation for cooling, and the heating elements have been included in the seat shoulders good stuff for when the top is down in chilly weather.

Features And Options
The piece de resistance of the Lexus IS C is its retractable hardtop arrangement. The hard top is a home run, as its made of lightweight aluminum, folds into three neat sections, and forms a tight, weatherproof barrier from weather and noise. Its fast (opening or closing in around 20 seconds) yet one of the smoothest-actuating of any weve experienced. The top was designed, developed, and constructed in-house. It goes up and down quicker than any other in this category. Inside, the headliner covers everything. There’s not a brace or strut visible inside, and the effect is almost coupelike. Other aspects of the car are reengineered for top-down duty. For example, the audio system volume adjustments are reprogrammed when the top is down, and the HVAC system knows to deliver more air. The IS C has more trunk volume than do many retractables. There’s a handy button to power the passenger seat forward and aft, easing rear-seat access. There’s even a neatly engineered, removable windblocker — too bad that Lexus has the nerve to charge extra for it after doing so much work to make the IS C a complete convertible package. The top system makes use of steel, aluminum, and plastic panels.

There are seven available exterior colors, the most notable being the Ultasonic Blue Mica previously exclusive to the IS F. Inside, the options are alabaster and black, and this is where that wilder side starts to play an alabaster and blue two-tone interior. Like the sun that will shine upon it, the two-tone affair is the source of serious polarity. If you like it, it’s there for you. If you don’t, you’re back to black or (off) white. But Lexus’ wild side isn’t limited to its optional tinted leather hides. It’s about the entire package, with an emphasis on the driving experience. As with the sedan, the IS convertible comes in three flavors: the IS 250C is available with either a six-speed manual or automatic, and IS 350C is packaged exclusively equipped with the self-shifting six-speed. In either model, the automatic comes complete with Sport modes and paddleshifters, and both pack a new albeit late feature: the ability to change gears without switching into Sport. Snap the paddles in Drive and you’ve got full manual control. Don’t shift for 15 seconds, and the system reverts back to Drive and resumes control.