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2010 Bentley Continental GT Review
The 2010 Bentley Continental GT is fast and powerful. Its 552 horsepower and 479foot-pounds of torque is enough for this vehicle to reach 202 mph. The Gt can now use E85 gasoline, or any type of gasoline that uses a combination of gas and alcohol. A Quick shift ZF automatic six-speed transmission is new. This transmission will cut off the gas momentarily so that torque will be reduced and shifting occurs faster.

The 2010 Bentley Continental GT is equipped with exterior features that you would expect from a vehicle that costs more than many peoples houses. The Continental GT comes with Bi-Xenon headlights with headlight washers, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and 19-inch wheels. This Bentley is available in a wide variety of colors; if you do not like the available colors for the current year, you can purchase your Bentley in one of the colors from previous years, for an additional cost. In the back you will find the power opening and closing trunk.

Inside the 2010 Bentley Continental GT, drivers will find standard features like a trip computer, Sirius satellite radio, a gloveboard-mounted six-disc CD changer, Bluetooth compatibility with voice dialing, and DVD navigation. Both the front and rear seats have memory and are heated. Leather bucket seats come standard. The interior materials of this Bentley are all superior, with wood and leather being primarily used. Car reviews written on the Continental GT tend to agree that this is a well-made vehicle.

Bentley vehicles seem to belong in a class all of their own, and the2010 Bentley Continental GT is no exception. It is built to drive fast,but unlike Lamborghinis and Ferraris, which produce stripped down vehicles in order for their vehicles to go fast, the Continental GT does not give up on luxury. The Bentley may not be able to hit 60 mph from a stop in under three and a half seconds, but for a slight trade-off in acceleration, buyers are able to get a vehicle that is a lot more luxurious, and a lot more comfortable to ride in. Auto reviews find the Bentley Continental GT to be an alternative to hardcore sports cars;Forbes says that the Continental is a well-rounded alternative to similarly priced, hardcore exotic sports cars.

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