2007 Chevy Tahoe

So GM introduced their all-new full-size SUVs around the time that the price of gas reached around $3 a gallon – not the most brilliant move. Sure, they do have relatively fuel-efficient V8s, but relatively is the operative word here. Similar to the big Dodge HEMI V8s GM’s shuts off half the cylinders when not needed.


However, I’m currently driiving the new Tahoe – Chevy’s version of this big SUV. Yes, as most people know, i am a leadfoot, but even driving relatively smoothly, I’m averaging around 13 mpg from the Tahoe’s 320-hp V8. Not to say that this is a bad car – its actually really nice.


Styling is much cleaner than the outgioing generation, and there’s plenty of new cool features. The model I’m driving is the LTZ, fully loaded with leather, DVD player, navigation, satellite radio, etc… Price is around $52k.


It drives great, just as the past version did, but even with the 320 horses, its not terribly quick. Handling is about as good as you can expect from a large SUV, but the ride is very comfortable.


Cargo area is not near as spacious as I would have expected, mainly because the third row seat folds up rather than flat into the floor. There’s actually more cargo space my Explorer. Access to the third row is pretty easy, but the seat bottom is close to the floor so you sit with your knees up in the air. Not terribly comfortable for adults.


Overall, this is a good choice in fullisize SUVs. Will be interesting to compare it to the Ford Expedtion, whch gets redesigned for 2007 as well.

Perry Stern